Corona Virus FAQ’s CARS AND VANS

As the impact of Coronavirus is felt across the country you may be worried about how it will affect you and your business.

If your income has been affected by the disruption the Leasing providers are offering a range of solutions on an individual basis such as payment deferrals, contract extensions etc.
Contact your lender direct to find out what your options are. You can find a list of the most popular Contract Hire & Leasing providers on our web site here

The majority of Dealers are closed for the safety of staff and customers and therefore are not able to deliver new cars. A limited number of workshops are open to support essential workers and keep them safe and mobile. These workshops are being run on skeleton staff and are for essential repairs and tyres only.

Below we have put together a list of the most common questions being asked by our customers.

My MOT is due to expire.

The Government have confirmed that MOT tests due on cars, motor cycles and light vans after 30 March 2020 will automatically be extended for 6 months, however it is your responsibility as the driver to keep the vehicle in a road worthy condition as you can be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle.
If an MOT was due before 30 March it must be carried out as usual. The only exception being self-isolation.
You can see the guidelines here:
Coronavirus: MOTs for cars and vans due from 30 March 2020

My vehicle needs a service but the local dealer is closed.

If your vehicle needs maintenance and your local dealer is closed we suggest you start by looking on line for advice. Try your Leasing providers website (if you have a fully maintained Contract) or the manufacturers website, and if that does not give you the answers let us know and we will try & help you. General opinion is that routing servicing is not essential at this time, you can find out more here

What if I break down?

If you are worried that you might breakdown call your Roadside Assistance provider for advice or visit their website. As far as we are aware Roadside Assistance is still available for you.

How do I get a new tyre?

Check with your Leasing provider first if your contract is fully maintained as they may have a preferred supplier. Most tyre providers have some branches open as well as mobile fitting services available. Check on line for up to date details during this time.

How can I get my windscreen repaired?

Many windscreen suppliers are open during this time. Check on line to find your nearest branch.

I am due a new vehicle – will this be affected?

All new car deliveries have been suspended until the Dealerships re-open after lockdown, however there are new cars in the system and renewals can be organised ready for delivery as soon as lockdown is lifted.

How can I arrange collection of my vehicle?

Unfortunately due to coronavirus restrictions vehicle collection services are currently unavailable. If your contract has ended contact your Leasing Provider for the latest advice. You can find a list of the most popular Contract Hire & Leasing providers on our web site here

Will Coronavirus affect vehicle supply?

The effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic are being felt by the motor industry. Faced with a combination of falling market demand, limited supply of parts from China and factory closures we can expect to see longer than usual lead times in future. The good news is that there are vehicles in the system which will be available for delivery as soon as normal life resumes.

Can I keep my present vehicle for longer?

Most of our leasing providers are happy to extend current contracts in this present situation. Speak to your supplier to find out more. You can find a list of the most popular Contract Hire & Leasing providers on our web site here


It is important to stay informed and you can find the latest advice from the UK Government here:
Coronavirus: Covid-19 UK Government Response
Don’t forget we are here to help if you have any queries or questions, simply reply to this message or give me a call on 01428 707993

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